"Family First” Robert King started shooting crisis and conflict fresh out of art school. The first fifteen years of his career were documented in the film “Shooting Robert King.” Now, he reflects on that time in his life and talks about the effect having a family has on a conflict photojournalist.
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"Challenges Remain” Robert Nickelsberg has worked the last twenty-five years in areas of turmoil as a contract photojournalist for time magazine. Here, he talks about working in areas of crisis and how to strike a balance between being a humanitarian and an observer,.
The United States Army has a staff of fully-trained photo and video journalists that travel and fight alongside their fellow soldiers while providing footage for national media. Meet two of the nameless journalists that provide the images we see on the news every day.
Lauren Wolfe spent four years as the Senior Editor of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) before becoming the Director of the Women’s Media Center at Columbia University. She recalls the many dangers journalists face in the course of their everyday work, and some of the abuses she witnessed while at CPJ.